Our identity

From the outset, SCP has always been at the heart of a major challenge, that of ensuring access to water and, at the same time, preserving the resource itself. Today, the company serves the general interest by securing the water supply in the Provence region of France, whilst diversifying its range of activities in its home country and worldwide. As the results of climate change begin to show, the company is increasingly gearing its development towards the issues at hand, and stands ready to face the challenges of the future.

Its objectives are twofold:


SCP’s activities can be divided into 4 broad fields:

A regional concession holder which takes its duty as a public service provider as a major responsibility, securing local water resources and supplying a wide variety of users in Provence.

An engineering company ideally positioned to provide concrete solutions to complex regional challenges in the field of water, both in France and worldwide.

A water service provider with a particular focus on rural areas.

A renewable energy producer with the ambition to produce more energy than it consumes.