A talent for innovation

SCP’s design office operates to the highest possible standards. Its highly-experienced team of engineers benefits from an innovation-friendly environment and access to state-of-the-art technology. As a result, they are ideally positioned to conceive tomorrow’s solutions today, and apply them to your projects.

A team of experts at your service

SCP’s know-how in terms of design engineering is unparalleled, and the synergies resulting from its many areas of expertise are put to good use in supporting your projects, whether they concern water storage, transportation, distribution, treatment, irrigation, renewable energies, or IWRM. Our engineers tailor their services to suit your needs, and their studies, audits and analyses are designed to provide you with innovative, custom-made and long-term solutions.

Innovation and know-how: a winning combination

Our experience and know-how are boosted by our mastery of cutting-edge techniques and methods, which also serve to uphold our quality-oriented approach.

Remote Management

In order to guarantee consistently high-quality engineering services, we employ a remote management tool known as BIM (Building Information Modelling), which first appeared in the public works sector. This intelligent 3D modelling system is seen as a revolution in terms of the design, construction and operation of infrastructures, and its performance is unparalleled.

Thanks to the high precision of its digital models, BIM technology allows us to save significant amounts of time, achieve a more fluid workflow, and plan more efficiently. Consequently, we are able to settle numerous issues prior to construction, as well as enjoying greater freedom to innovate at the design stage.

SCP’s scale-model platform

SCP is one of the few French companies to benefit from its own, in-house test platform for hydraulic scale models, which covers an area of 650 m2 and has a maximum flow rate of 500 l/s. Located near Aix en Provence, this remarkable platform is part of the company’s Hydraulic Measurements Laboratory, and has been supporting hydraulic development projects worldwide for over 50 years. Its experience in creating physical models of all kinds of water facilities is unmatched.

The technical benefits offered by scale models are considerable, and our team of hydraulic measurements specialists uses them to analyse fluid mechanics and dynamics in a precise and realistic way. As a result, we are able to design structures in such a way as to guarantee their viability, efficiency and smooth operation.

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