Expansion of the Pedro Plains irrigation system (Jamaica)

CLIENT National Irrigation Commission Ltd
START DATE : October 2018
END DATE : October 2019

Project description

The NIC (National Irrigation Commission) aims to develop an irrigation infrastructure covering a gross surface area of 10,500 ha in the Pedro Plains. This project is designed to improve agricultural productivity, reduce poverty in the area, and satisfy all water needs.

A feasibility study has been launched to examine the possibility of expanding the Pedro Plains irrigation system using surface waters from the Black River. As a result of this study, a specific project will be selected and launched, with potential funding from the Caribbean Development Bank.


Services provided:

Activity 1 – Technical studies

Feasibility study and preliminary design study, including solutions for water extraction, transportation and distribution.


Activity 2 – Renewable Energies study (RE)

This activity covers all studies related to energy production and consumption within the framework of the project (analysis of current and expected energy consumption, as well as feasibility and preliminary studies for an RE plant).


Activity 3 – Environmental impact assessment

The environmental impact assessment ensures that the project will be compatible with protection of the environment. Various hydraulic development scenarios have been studied in order to mitigate or avoid environmental impact.


Activity 4 – Terms of reference for downstream services

This activity consists of drawing up terms of reference for downstream services, during the implementation and operational phases of the project.

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