Modernisation of irrigation schemes in the lower Medjerda valley, Tunisia

CLIENT Regional Commission for Agricultural Development of the Manouba region (Ministry of Agriculture)
START DATE : January 2016
END DATE : June 2020

Project description

The project consists of modernising aging public irrigation schemes which have been in operation for approximately 60 years in the lower Medjerda valley. Its aim is to rationalise the use of water resources, increase the efficiency and productivity of agriculture in the long term, and enable water users’ associations (agricultural development groups, or ADGs) to self-manage their irrigation systems.

The project concerns the second phase of the 1,175-ha project covering the El Battane, Zouitina Nord, Zouitina Sud and Mehrine Nord schemes.


Services provided:


Specific engineering assignments:

Specific support-measures assignments:

Component 1 – Support to the AGDs

Component 2 – Support to the CRDA

Component 3 – Training for farmers

Implementation of a pilot measure by the management committee.