Modernisation of the Medjerda-Cap-Bon canal infrastructure, Tunisia

CLIENT DGBGTH (Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries – General Directorate for Dams and Major Hydraulic Works)
START DATE : October 2015
END DATE : January 2020

Project description

Located in the north-east of Tunisia and commissioned in 1984, the Medjerda-Cap Bon canal (120 km, 16 m3/s) is a multi-purpose facility conveying raw water from the Laroussia dam. It is used for to supply drinking water, irrigate 19,000 ha, and replenish local water tables. Today, its capacity is insufficient during periods of high demand, and the water supply is seriously compromised due to the age of the infrastructure.
Development and modernisation works have been launched on the canal and its associated infrastructure, with a view to increasing transfer capacities and helping to satisfy a growing demand for water.


Services provided: