Modernization of control systems on three canals, Morocco

CLIENT Office Régional de Mise en Valeur Agricole du Haouz
START DATE : March 2017
END DATE : June 2018

Project description

The ORMVAH (Haouz Regional Office for Agricultural Development) covers an area of over 660,000 ha, 145,000 of which have been the object of hydraulic development projects. Large-scale hydraulic infrastructures exist in three different zones : central Haouz (including N’fis), upstream Tessaout and downstream Tessaout.


This study aims to modernise control systems on three of the canals managed by the ORMVAH:

The Rocade and N’fis canals are now properly controlled, but still operated by a remote management system set up 30 years ago and partially refurbished 15 years ago. This project concerns the replacement of remote-control equipment and optimisation of canal management in order to ensure that the control system operates as efficiently as possible.


The project consists of 3 phases: