Refurbishment of the Saint-Denis river water catchment for compliance

COUNTRY / PLACE France / Reunion island
CLIENT City of Saint Denis / Saint-Denis municipal council
START DATE : January 2014
END DATE : October 2018

Project description

This strategically located water catchment is made up of a weir and an outlet pond which feeds a gallery cut into the rock. The water then flows by gravity to the Bellepierre treatment plant, which delivers 48% of the drinking water supply for the city of Saint Denis. Consequently, this project is of great importance and raises considerable challenges in terms of continuity of service, environmental issues, and the risk of floods and landslides.

The weir has suffered considerable damage, and the gallery no longer conveys water efficiently due to leaks in its base slab.

The city of Saint-Denis has entrusted the SCP / SAFEGE / CYATHEA consortium with full project management:

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