Rehabilitation and modernisation of the Avezac irrigation scheme

CLIENT Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development – Haiti
START DATE : September 2013
END DATE : April 2015

Total value of contract: €4,200,000
Names and functions of SCP participants:

  • Sébastien CAUCHY: Water Engineer and Project Manager
  • Yann FLORIANSICS: Civil Engineer
  • Sylvain SAUVIAT: Agriculture & Irrigation Engineer
  • Magali VERGNET: Project Support

Value of services provided by SCP: €337,375
Names of associated consultants / partners (if applicable):
Génie Conseil SA

Project description

This project aims to rehabilitate the hydraulic infrastructure (intake and main canals) on the Avezac irrigation scheme, and modernize the network with a view to irrigating 2,500 hectares of agricultural land in the long term, as opposed to only 800 ha in 2012. 

Since the bed of the Grande Ravine du Sud has risen by several metres, the intake for the Avezac irrigation scheme is no longer able to meet the minimum requirement of 2.5m3/s. The project aims to renovate both the intake and primary and secondary canals, with a view to supplying 2,800 ha of agricultural land as opposed to 800 ha today. 

At the same time, it is necessary to modernize the secondary and tertiary canals (overhaul of hydraulic infrastructure and installation of regulators) and restructure the irrigation scheme management system. 

The project also includes a social water management component, supported and supervised by the SCP/GC consortium.


Description of services provided by SCP within the framework of the assignment:

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