Project management for flood management works on the remparts river, Reunion Island

Preliminary studies, including in-depth analyses of local hydro-geomorphology, sediment transportation, hydraulics, and geology Preliminary design studies Detailed design studies Works contract procurement assistance, including tender documents Works supervision and acceptance of works Environmental and regulatory studies Project description The Remparts river passes through the centre of the town of Saint-Joseph. This river drains the southern […]

Reinforcement works on the Rhône dike between Beaucaire and Fourques

Project description Reinforcement works on the dike that runs for 13 km along the right bank of the Rhône river, between Le Fer à Cheval, Beaucaire, and the ‘La Tourette’ pumping station, Fourques. Deconstruction of the existing dike followed by reconstruction of a new dike (1 million m3). The new dike will be built using […]

Hydraulic development works in the lower Argens valley

Project description This project consists of studying the technical, economic, regulatory, and environmental feasibility of hydraulic development works in the lower Argens valley, as set out in section 28 of the Flood Protection Plan. In particular, the project focuses on the following key actions: Fine-tuning or adapting works by means of precise numerical modelling of […]

Full flood protection plan for the côtiers des Maures

Project description The towns of La Londe les Maures, Bormes les Mimosas and Le Lavandou (83) are prone to frequent and severe flooding. 2014 was a particularly bad year, with two consecutive and severe floods wreaking economic havoc and causing several deaths in La Londe. If they are to secure public financing, the various towns […]