In addition to designing and managing 4 large dams and over 80 reservoirs, SCP’s team of in-house engineers also works on behalf of public or private clients around the world, applying their skills to many different hydraulic structures.

Thanks to our dual role as designer and operator, we are fully qualified to carry out studies, expert assessments and project management assignments, and our range of services also covers operation and maintenance, regulatory monitoring and risk management.

SCP continually comes up with new, high-quality solutions that are innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly.


Our services

Dam engineering

From upstream studies to full project management, we can support you in the design and rehabilitation of dams of all classes.

Regulatory monitoring

SCP’s extensive range of services includes regulatory monitoring, auscultations, implementation procedures, flood recommendations, technical visits, inspections, full technical reviews with or without water removal, safety diagnoses, and monitoring reports.

Hydromechanical equipment

We carry out full project management assignments for the construction or refurbishment of hydromechanical equipment for all classes of dam, as well as for other large-scale hydraulic structures (dividers, canals, energy dissipators, etc.).

Our added value

Official authorisations for dykes and dams

SCP has been granted 5 authorisations by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing. Such official recognition bears testament to our expertise and know-how regarding hydraulic structures, and entitles us to design dykes and dams of all classes, supervise works, and prepare regulatory auscultation reports on them.

Our hydraulic scale-model platform

SCP has at its disposal the physical facilities required to design and build scale models of structures, with a view to performing similarity-based experiments and contributing to research programmes.

Moreover, we specialise in the design of Froude Similarity models for river structures such as weirs and overflow facilities.

Our references

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