Management of safety works on the Dardennes dam

Project description The Dardennes dam is located a few kilometers north of Toulon, near the village of Revest Les Eaux. The project consists of: Risk assessment Flood wave modelling as far as Toulon in the event of dam failure Diagnosis and preliminary studies Performing and following up geotechnical reconnaissance missions Creation of a physical model […]

Refurbishment of the Saint-Denis river water catchment for compliance

Project description This strategically located water catchment is made up of a weir and an outlet pond which feeds a gallery cut into the rock. The water then flows by gravity to the Bellepierre treatment plant, which delivers 48% of the drinking water supply for the city of Saint Denis. Consequently, this project is of […]

Refurbishment of the Bimont dam and associated infrastructure

Project description The Bimont dam is a Class-A structure measuring 87 m in height and 180 m in length at its crest. It serves to secure the water supply for several communities in the Aix-en-Provence region, as well as for the irrigation of 8,000 hectares. It supplies the Arc Valley industrial area, and satisfies 30% […]

Reinforcing and securing the Bras de la Plaine water catchment

Project description Since its commissioning in 1971, this dam – 36.6m wide and 7m high overflow – has suffered considerable damage and successive reinforcement works have been carried out. In spite of these costly works, which faced particularly challenging access conditions, both the dam and counter-dam remained in very poor condition.  Following a comprehensive analysis […]