Project management for the East-West water transfer, Reunion Island

Project description Water transfer project including river intakes and 30 km of galleries, in order to irrigate 6,000 ha of land in the west of the island. Description of services provided by SCP within the framework of the assignment Water transfer project including river intakes and 30 km of galleries, in order to irrigate 6,000 […]

Piton Rouge hillside storage reservoir, Reunion Island

Project description The hillside storage reservoir on the Piton Rouge site in the Plaine des Cafres is intended to satisfy agricultural needs in the local area. In particular, the project involves: Water abstraction and transfer facilities (intake works, intake canal, etc.), on a river subject to floods caused by cyclones. The objective is to supply […]

Construction of the Vidauban / Sainte-Maxime water main

Project description The challenge: Increasing demand for drinking water in the Gulf of Saint Tropez and, more specifically, in Sainte Maxime, where long-term demand is equivalent to 500 l/s A lack of resources and/or new sites for local storage reservoirs The only solution is to transfer water from the Verdon via the ‘Verdon Saint Cassien’ […]

Modernization of control systems on three canals, Morocco

Project description The ORMVAH (Haouz Regional Office for Agricultural Development) covers an area of over 660,000 ha, 145,000 of which have been the object of hydraulic development projects. Large-scale hydraulic infrastructures exist in three different zones : central Haouz (including N’fis), upstream Tessaout and downstream Tessaout. This study aims to modernise control systems on three […]

Feasibility study for increased eco-system resilience in the Ferlo Region (PREFERLO)

Project description The aim of the feasibility, conceptual and detailed preliminary design studies, which are part of the project to strengthen eco-system resilience in the Ferlo region (PREFERLO), is to design a technically and economically viable solution for the pressurised transfer of raw water from the Guiers lake for almost 230 km. In the long […]

Modernisation of the Medjerda-Cap-Bon canal infrastructure, Tunisia

Project description Located in the north-east of Tunisia and commissioned in 1984, the Medjerda-Cap Bon canal (120 km, 16 m3/s) is a multi-purpose facility conveying raw water from the Laroussia dam. It is used for to supply drinking water, irrigate 19,000 ha, and replenish local water tables. Today, its capacity is insufficient during periods of […]